Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not to depend on the Dumps or Question Banks!!

Hello friends,

First my apologies for not being regular in posting exciting articles as before. I will be regular now onwards.

I am back with a piece of advice for you all. Please do not depend on the dumps/question bank or any other source which anyone provides you saying,"hey, just read these 200 questions and you will get most of the question from this only!" That sentence is partially true! But partially! You will never score high if you depend only on these question banks. Yes they claim that these are real questions from exams remembered from the people who have v the exams, and many other ways - I don't know. But it's the truth that these will only degrade you. Studying java passionately and then going and giving the exam needs guts, practice and will power to do it - lets what ever the result may be. And if you really study hard SCJP is really not that difficult! Keep this in mind!!

The number of questions repeated are very very low as compared to what the people selling these question sets say. And anyways knowledge lives forever, what if in the future you cleared SCJP with 90% and were not able to make a proper synchronized method, or unable to solve a simple NullPointerException! That will be so insulting for you! Clear the SCJP with knowledge and hard work, and it will definately pay you back!


Kiran Shigli said...

Truely said...!!!

rishu said...

thanks saurabh for your support
to scjp beginners i am raghav from mit pune and want to take scjp books u have are enough to clear scjp plz mail me at thanks once again

vinu said...

I gave the exam recently and before giving the exam I just thought as you said, gave exam on 23rd -fucked it up by 3 ques... got home and got a look at the so - called dumps, and for the sake of god I swear they have a huge lot of questions from the exam I get the last day, dont ask me where I get these things , there are awful lot of sources for such things , you can surely find one but as saurabh says , the are not worth it, goin' to give exam again in december, but surely not via dumps!!!

Rohan said...

Thats right. I would rather suggest an alternative. Study entire scjp book. Write loads of code. Then solve dumps on your own rather than referring to the answers directly. That way if you most of the answers correct then you are bound to clear the exam irrespective of whether questions on dump get repeated or not. This is my blog and i am posting some tricky questions and codes that i come across while preparing for my scjp exam ( Write loads of code and keep on practicing. All the best!!!

Soniya Ahuja said...

Good blog Saurabh. hope you keep sharing knowledge :)

mallesh said...

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