Saturday, June 21, 2008

Other than SCJP...what lies ahead?

This post will tell you about other Sun Java Certifications. Although many know only SCJP there are other plethora of Sun Java Certifications. Lets look at them, hey this knowledge isn't necessary for an SCJP taker to know but we should know where we are heading, right?

Sun Java Certification is itself a ladder and as you climb up the technology becomes more advanced and powerful. Many consider that SCJP is the 1st and most basic exam in the ladder but there is one more, its called SCJA - Sun Certified Java Associate Exam. These two are entry level exams in the ladder and you need to pass SCJP before you can give any of further examinations. There are core differences between the syllabus of SCJA and SCJP, like the "swing" is not included in SCJP but it is in SCJA. There is a difference between a java programmer and a java developer. You can call yourself a java developer after you give the special java developer exam called SCJD - the Sun Certified Java Developer exam. You are supposed to have the basic knowledge of java as a language after you complete SCJP and SCJD but you still dont know how to use the java language to the fullest i.e: developing web/standalone commercial products/applications from it - thats the path ahead. There are 4 certifications up the ladder each gives you a special knowledge about the corresponding technology.
They are...
1. SCWCD - the Sun Certified Web Component Developer exam.
2. SCBCD - the Sun Certified Business Component Developer exam.
3. SCDJWS - the Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services exam.
4. SCMAD - the Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer exam.

The SCWCD portion is about the web components you need to build a web application. You should know how to develope a web application from scratch, before giving SCWCD. The SCBCD concentrates upon the business components required in an application, it includes in-depth study of the EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) technology. I donn't know about the SCDJWS. The next one SCMAD is concerned about knowledge about developing the java mobile applications. Hey the mobile in your pocket if it's java enabled (if it's cost is above 8k, mostly it is.) can run java applications developed by you! You may be thinking these certifications aren't that famous (so may be unimportant) but let me tell you that in the software industry, these special level certifications are valued the most. As SCJP is a pre-requisite for all these you need to pass SCJP before giving any of these. The ladder doesn't end here, there is one more certification at the top, and this is the highest one, it called SCEA - the Sun Certified Enterprise Architect exam. I really don't know what the portion is at this level and what knowledge we need to have... :)

I hope this post has helped you to know where we are and how far the journey is!


Mohamed Sanaulla said...

Hi Saurabh,
Great to see a SCJP Dedicated blog. I will be a regular for your blog.
Keep up the good work.

Mohamed Sanaulla
Sun CA, NITK Surathkal

Saurabh Patil said...

thanks a lot buddy! You also have nice blogs will add them to my blog roll tomorrow!


brindha said...

Hi Saurabh,

I am also sailing in the same boat. Only difference is i havnt done any real time programing in java but i know it.

All the Best for your SCJP Exams.

Brindha A
Bangalore, India

Neetu said...

hi ...

just came across ur SCJP blog ...nice work!! I am also planning to appear for the SCJP exam ... I left job 3.5 yr back .. any idea abt the scope i will have if i clear the exam ...

- Neetu

Saurabh Patil said...

Hi neetu,
Certification will enhance your resume, but it doesnt guarantee anything. but certainly it makes some difference.